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Local Healer Arturo Solon Was Shot to De@th this Friday Morning



This Friday, September 25, 2020, an unfortunate morning greeted the family of a known local healer who was allegedly shot to death with a sudden, unbelievable happening that seemed to take them back.

In the photos posted by the Facebook page Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted, Arturo Solon who was known for his ability to heal was killed this Friday morning, and his body was found before a certain convenience store near the Naic plaza in Cavite.

As of now, his death, the culprit, and the motives are not yet recognized and identified by the authority. Although the investigation about his sudden death would still go on, some of the netizens who personally knew him expressed their two cents about his death.

“Marami lang inggit sa kanya kaya tinambangan ng ganyan,” they said.

“Tapos sisiraan pa s’ya na may nirape o hinarass s’ya kahit naman hindi kaya ang hirap sa mga inggitero pumapatay na kahit na mabuti rin naman ang ginawa nyang pang gagamot,” they added.

A lot of concern netizens expressed their condolences to the bereaved family and shared how they felt about the abrupt death of Solomon, “Dito sa mundong ‘to kung malinis kang manggagamot at wala kang ginagawang kasalanan, bakit ka uusigin ng kapwa tao mo?”


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“No Bra Ice Bucket Challenge” ng isang vlogger, nauwi sa sabunutan



A “No Bra Ice Bucket” challenge of a female YouTube vlogger panned out wrong as she was suddenly approached with the intent to pull her hair by the angry hands of her male partaker’s wife.

The excerpted video Gold Vines PH posted on its Facebook page went viral with almost 186,000 reactions, 27,000 comments, and 52,000 shares, and it was credibly from some “Amber Lin”.

In the video, the female vlogger on a white sleeveless shirt paired with a denim short shyly moved closer to a male who just arrived at the convenience store.

He hopped off his motorcycle to entertain the timid female vlogger, he was soon asked to participate in her “ice bucket” video challenge that would certainly be uploaded on her YouTube channel.

He did not become hesitant, and he asked as to where would they do the said challenge. Looking around the place, she just pointed the front area of the convenience store and headed directly toward her white car to get the baby blue bucket that contained ice cubes, which they would use to pour onto her.

Later on, the female vlogger finally did the challenge with the aid of her male participant. However, another female in a black sleeveless shirt and black short slithered into the view.

All of a sudden, she came forward to throw punch the participant on the chest and violently threw the bucket as the female vlogger was quick to sit on the fence as though she desperately wanted to kill the fire before it got out of hand. It turned out that, based on her violent actions, she was the wife of the male participant.

However, the female vlogger’s words only fell on deaf ears, and just as she was about to elucidate the matter—the wife acted up and pulled her hair in an instant, the situation seemed to become terribly out of hand. The wife was so consumed by anger and suspicions that she did not bother to ask confirmation about what she saw before she could even result to violence.

Although the male participant and his wife had already gone home, it was apparent in the next video that the vlogger was still shaking in fear and apologizing because she did not expect that the “No Bra Ice Bucket” challenge would end up something like that.

She also stated that she gave an explanation to the wife and had her hopes high that the couple would not fight about it as soon as they got home. With what happened, she yet again expressed how sorry she was to her viewers.

When the video was shared by the Gold Vines PH on its Facebook page, it rounded up different kinds of reactions from the netizen and they could not help but blurt out their stances on the said video:

“Ice bucket challenge with extra sabunot. dko alam knv mtatawa ako o maaawa ako..”

“lukarit ka kasi. mga kabataan ngayon wala ng tamang attitude. dapat nagdala ka na din ng sabon at shampoo. papansin…..”
“galawang malandi kasi hahaha serves you right buti dika tnulak sa kalsada hahaha.”

“Hindi nmn kalandian yan kasi vloger po yan eh alam nya ginagawa nya if mapahiya sya o hindi atsaka dun sa asawa grabe nmn walang manners Di at ata sya nanunuod NG youtube challenge nga eh. Dapat challenge nya self nya to respect his husband in public places may Lugar dapat ang pag seselos Di yung susunggab agad do moa lam ang buong storya mag tanung ka muna misis Di sabunot agad.”

“Grabe naman si ateng sugod agad di ba pde mag tanong muna wala naman mali ginawa yun vlogger hahahaha naawa ako sa vlogger.”

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WATCH: RUDY Baldwin, Pinuntahan na ang Bulkang Taal, at Pinayuhan Ang Mga Tao Na lumikas na



Noong September 25, 2020 naglabas ng post ang kilalang psychic na si RUDY Baldwin, tungkol sa kanyang vision sa Taal Volcano, at ngayong araw lang nagtungo na siya mismo sa Bulkang Taal, at inabisuhan na niya ang mga taong lumikas, dahil kita niya na sobrang nagbabaga na ito at konting lindol na lang ay sasabog na ito.


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